Amaroo Blondes TestimonialsPeter and Joy Beacham – Baby Beef producer Pinjarrah WA
“Blonde cross calves have a good body shape with excellent butt profiles. “The temperament of the bulls and their progeny is amongst the best I have seen,” Peter said.

A recent pen of Peter’s Blonde cross babies weighed 410kg and made 211c/kg selling for an astounding $865 per head straight off mum. The breeders consist of Angus/Friesian and Simmental/Friesian cross cows.

“Using a Blonde bulls increased my profit by an extra $191 per head compared to calves sired by my Murray Grey bull”, Peter said.



Amaroo Blondes TestimonialsSteven Jupp – Baby beef and store cattle producer Gingin WA
“Blonde sired calves are born easily with small slender calves and they power up quickly after being born, Steve said. “I like the added muscling the Blonde cross calf displays and I need their high daily weight gain in order to get my baby beef finished.

“High dressing percentage is also very important to me as I sell directly over the hook and high carcass weight means a greater dollar return”, he said.

Using Euro bulls over British bred cows has the advantage of achieving quicker growing calves and a more even finish in the calves with no over fat heifers. “By using Blonde bulls I have the advantage of them not colour marking their calves so all my calves display the same colour as their mothers”, Steven said.


“Amaroo for Quality and Performance”