Blonde Power

Blonde bulls are best used as a terminal sires over British and British cross cows. The Blonde sire will produce the muscle and rapid growth with the British bred dam supplying the additional fat cover and milk. This combination will produce well-muscled rapidly growing calves that attract premium prices at the saleyards or when sold over the hook.


Amaroo Blondes Blondes PowerBreed Features

  • Easy Calving – Calves are born long, slender and fine boned, allowing for an easy delivery. Calves muscle up at around two weeks of age. Blonde bulls can be safely over heifers.
  • Rapid Growth – Blonde cross calves will grow rapidly on mothers who can supply what is needed for a calf to grow. Our clients have reported increased yeaning weights ranging from 20 to 50kgs per calf. Common weaning weights range from 350 to 520kg.
  • Feed Efficiency – Blondes can also improve profitability through feed efficiency. At the 2001 Vasse feed efficiency trial in Western Australia, the Blonde breed was 1st for feed conversion consuming only 5.1 kg of feed for each kg of weight gain. Many Amaroo Blondes Blondes Powerbreeds needed 6 to 7 kg of ration to put on a kg of weight.Higher Dressing Percentage – Blonde cross yearlings will dress out on average 3% higher than straight British bred weaners. On a 450kg live beast at paid at $4kg carcass weight this will add and extra 12kg on the hoof providing a nice bonus of $52 per head for the beef producer.
  • High Carcass Yield – Blondes typically yield 75 to 80% of saleable meat from a carcase because of their high meat to bone ratios and minimal fat. There are also a better proportion of higher valued cuts. This means more beef to sell for the butcher.
  • Temperament – Blondes are very docile cattle, and are quite easy to handle. This feature flows on into both the feedlot and grass finishing situations where quiet cattle which take to feed more quickly are needed to reduce costs and finishing time.
  • Premium Prices – Some feedlotters and butchers will pay premium prices for Blonde cross cattle. They recognise the facts of rapid growth, high feed efficiency and high carcass yield Amaroo Blondes Blondes Powerand are prepared to pay for this improved product.

More meat and a better bottom line can be achieved by mating your cows to well-muscled Blonde bulls. Increase your profits now and consider a Blonde bull. You will never look back.