Black Blondes

Amaroo Blondes Black Blondes Amaroo has established a Black Blonde breeding program in 2008 to cater for market requirements. With Australian beef cattle markets currently offering premiums for black and Angus infused genetics, it is evident that the industry requires bulls for matings which will deliver hybrid vigour and increased muscling and meat yield whilst retaining the black colour.

Black Blonde bulls provide the beef industry with the benefits of the high yielding Blonde genetics infused into the popular black coated low maintenance Black Angus matron. When using Amaroo Black Blonde bulls, producers have the advantage of producing weaners that can be sold in a range of markets.


  • Higher weaning weights
  • No over fat heifers
  • Higher Dressing PercentagesAmaroo Blondes Black Blondes
  • Increased dollar return